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Residential Locksmith Maidenhead

Our residential locksmith Maidenhead services outsmart burglars and other forms of thieves who may want access to your house. We fit residential areas with all types of locks, alarms and sensors that preclude entry for thieves and burglars.

Thieves are always inventing ways of getting themselves into your house. They have devised ways of opening up different types of locks. Fortunately our residential locksmiths Maidenhead have also devised locks that can’t be easily compromised. We have different types of locks that cannot be opened up by burglars, thieves or those who want to gain unauthorized entry into your home. The sensor lock is one of them. The lock can detect when there is a person trying to tamper with it and set itself in such a way that the intruder won’t be able to unlock it. Another lock that is impossible to open when being tampered with is the defender lock which will alter its shape when it detects that it’s going to be compromised.

There are several other tricks that we use to deal with intruders. The first is the use of DND keys. DND stands for- do not duplicate. These keys are impossible to duplicate. In most cases when someone gains access to your house unlawfully, they must have had inside access to your keys and made copies way before they break into your house. A criminal may have had access to your keys that he copied so that he may later gain access to your house using the copies. With a DND key, we make only one copy of the key and give it to the house owner. No other copies will be produced or ever be found of the same lock.

Our residential locksmith Maidenhead technicians can even install the time lock clock locks for those who have so much valuable possessions in their houses or they use their houses as makeshift offices. This makes such houses a high value target to criminals and other evil masterminds. This type of locks is even used in banks and high installation facilities. Though they have access keys that should be digitally input into the locks, they can be programmed to lock the door until after a certain time period when the owner can re-open them again after inputting the key codes.

The third type of lock you can use in your home is the digital lock which only opens when your biometric information is fed into its system.

These are a handful of the devices we use with our residential locksmith Maidenhead service. You can call for our technicians who are available all day and even in the wee hours to come fix the type you want in your home.