Elite Local Locksmith Maidenhead (ELLM) is a company that offers lock and key goods and services. These are offered to all people within Maidenhead and its environs. Basically, we are a locksmith company. Our work however does not just fall on the conventional work that locksmiths are known for i.e. cutting and making keys, but we also deal with various other security features. We have incorporated technology into our work and now deal with mechanical locks as well as electronic.

Locksmiths were a brainchild of blacksmiths who used to make spears and arrows from hot blocks of metal. With time, the locksmiths became more proficient in the art. With the increased demand for security, they devised ways of making people’s homes and property secure by making certain types of locks which could be opened with special keys.

With time, the profession has grown into a separate niche from any other metalwork profession. Many types of locks have been made by the locksmiths and this has also grown from the mechanical to the high-tech and electronic varieties.

Our company deals with many specialized areas that encompass the profession of being a locksmith. The first area consists of the commercial locksmiths. These locksmiths deal with the selling, repair and fitting of locks for people in their commercial premises.

Another class of locksmiths that we have is the residential locksmiths. This locksmiths deal with the supply and installation of lock and key goods and services to residential areas. They know how to work with all the lock types found in people’s houses. We can provide certain locking systems that are hundred percent tamper proof to your home. Our locksmiths are mobile and can do their work on site i.e. from your home or business premises or from our stores and workshop located in Maidenhead.

Our locksmith services are available to individuals as well as corporations. There are many services that we offer to individuals including lock fitting which is the fixing of different types of locks such as chain locks, mortise locks, padlocks, digital locks etc into your commercial or private space; key cutting which is basically the duplication of varying key types. We use different methods in the creation of keys depending on the type of lock to be used with the keys; emergency locksmith which is the provision of special assistance to our clients who need help concerning various issues to do with locks.

Our locksmiths have been trained by the best master locksmiths and have wide general knowledge about locks, keys, metallurgy, key cutting and security among other relevant areas. They have also been tested by different scenarios that clients have presented to us and they can deal with practically any issue that concerns locks.

We can make do with varied keys from the mechanical to the electronic. We can even make master keys that allow access control. This is a feature that many of our business clients as part of their company’s security detail. Having a master key means that there are sections of your company that employees cannot access unless they are directly authorized to work in that section while you as the business owner have full access to all the sections because you have the master key. With the master key, you can restrict movement of staff to the respective department. This is a great security measure that many businessmen like to have in their premises.
Elite Local Locksmith Maidenhead (ELLM) has a 24/7 customer care. You can call us for an inquiry into our services. We also have a website where you can view all the packages offered and get free no-obligatory quotes.