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About Us

Elite Local Locksmith Maidenhead (ELLM) provides supply and installation of locks and other security enhancing services to people in Maidenhead and its immediate environs. We have a 24/7 customer care support team that you can contact for inquiries, requests etc. our locksmiths are professional and experienced technicians who know how to deal with all types of locks and locking systems from the mechanical to the electronic.

There are different types of locksmiths all dealing with a specialized area of the profession. We have residential, commercial and auto locksmiths. However their services go beyond these because these locksmiths have been trained on various aspects of security, metallurgy and locks picking among others. They are well trained individuals with expertise.

We are the most reputable locksmith company in Maidenhead and provide our services to individuals as well as large corporations and businesses. The fact that we are reputable speaks of the class of exceptional service that we give to our clients. This is also something that you should associate with incase you want the services of the best locksmiths in the market. Our services don’t just deal with picking locks and duplicating keys but it also has the security factor.

If you are a client who wants locksmith services, you are better off dealing with a reputable firm like Elite Local Locksmith Maidenhead (ELLM) because we will offer you the best service that comes with our name.

You can find our contacts in the local telephone directory or on our website. Call us for more information or inquiries.